Not design ready? My oldest sister, Fiona, can help you with any design services that may be needed. She can do the simple things like laying out your design or she can even create a piece of art or logo for you!


Fiona went to Parsons in NYC. She is an artist & illustrator and can draw or create just about anything. She inspires me to do my art when I am not filling button orders and I like to take her brush lettering workshops!


$25 TEXT ONLY: tell us what you want your button to say and we will provide you with (3) font versions to choose from.


$35 PHOTO & TEXT: send a photo and we will format it with (3) font versions to choose from.


IN-HOUSE DESIGN SERVICES: For logo and/or illustration services, please contact my sister Fiona [

"My Sisters!"

Fiona & Madeline are my two older sisters and they help me run my button business!  615-955-0565  :: all images copyright 2017 hankabee button co - all rights reserved