I am now 10 and in 4th grade at the University School of Nashville and have been running my button business since I was 7! I have 3 dogs and two cats.  (Peto, Turbo, Jean Paws Van Damme, Onion and Bananas). My dog Jean Paws is in my logo. I love to ride bikes, draw and paint, make patterns, sing and dance!


Technically my name is Henrietta and people used to call me Hanke. That was my name when I was 8 years old and started my button company. When I was given a shirt from one of my button customers it had the name "Berta" on it. I decided to use the name Berta for my art drawings. And then by the time the summer ended and school was starting I decided to go ahead and change my name to Berta*. - *I now change my name every year on my birthday... this year my name is Prudence Mae :)



One day in the car my mom asked my sister (Madeline) if she wanted to start a button making business and my sister said no. I raised my hand and I told my mom that I wanted to start a button making business and she said okay, so I did! The lady told me I am the youngest person she has given a business license to and now my sisters even work for me!


"Now we are Prudence! (c) 2015"

I dropped off buttons to Greenbrier Distillery and they gave me this cool shirt. It ended up changing my life... well, my name at least!

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